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What is Medicare?

What is Medicare?

Medicare is an insurance program that offers benefits such as hospital visits, medical care, prescription coverage, and more to those eligible.

But there is a lot more to it than that. There are 5 main categories, or parts, of Medicare to consider—Parts A and B (otherwise known as Original Medicare), Medicare Advantage (Part C), Medicare Supplements (Medigap), and Medicare Part D.

To understand what Medicare is, you have to know each of these different parts.

Original Medicare

Original Medicare includes Part A and Part B. These plans are the most basic coverage option and are both required before enrolling in any of the additional plans below.

Part A covers short-term hospital and emergency care. Unlike other Medicare plans, you may be eligible for premium-free coverage, meaning you would not have to make monthly payments.

You will still, however, have to pay a yearly deductible for both Parts A and B. You must pay a Part B premium, but you will have a smaller deductible to make up for it.

With Part B, you will receive preventative and general medical coverage for things like doctor’s appointments and flu shots.

Medicare Advantage

Having a Medicare Advantage Plan can provide you with the basic coverage of Medicare Part A and B, but it can also provide you with additional coverage like dental or vision coverage, or even prescription drug coverage.


Medicare Supplements (Medigap) are another additional plan to your Original Medicare coverage. There are many “gaps” in Part A and B coverage—you will likely find these out-of-pocket expenses add up very quickly.

If you are eligible, Medigap is an excellent option to provide additional, low-cost benefits. And, with 10 different plans to choose from, you can find a plan that fits your exact needs.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D provides prescription drug coverage and may be purchased alongside Medicare Advantage or Original Medicare on its own. Prescriptions are incredibly expensive and, without a plan to account for some of these costs, you may find yourself paying a lot of money.

Original Medicare provides little to no prescription coverage—some Advantage plans include drug coverage, but if not, you may purchase a Part D plan on top of it.

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