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Cost of Cremation

Cost of Cremation

When you die, your family will have to choose whether to have you buried or cremated after your funeral. Their decision will dictate how high your end-of-life costs are. Cremations are typically cheaper than burials. Therefore, if you wish to spend less on your funeral, cremation may be the more feasible choice.


The cost of cremation varies based on a number of different factors. When calculating how much your funeral and cremation will cost, you should consider the various products that are needed to conduct the related ceremonies.

Cremation Related Purchases

For example, the National Funeral Directors Association lists the following average costs for items and services typically purchased alongside a cremation:

  • Basic services fee – $2,195
  • Removal or transfer of remains – $350
  • Embalming – $750
  • Body preparation – $255
  • Viewing sessions – $425
  • Funeral ceremony – $500
  • Service vehicle – $150
  • Memorial printed packages – $175
  • 3rd party cremation fee – $350

These costs may vary depending on your location and the funeral home you choose. On average, the total cost for a cremation is $5,150 as of 2019. 

Pay For Your Cremation

If you fear that you may pass away without enough funds remaining to pay for your funeral, final expense insurance can help. Final expense insurance, or burial insurance, is a form of life insurance that is easier to acquire than traditional life policies. These policies require you to answer some medical questions, but they do not require a medical exam. Therefore, they are more likely to accept higher-risk individuals into their plans with high death benefits.

What If I Have Significant Health Issues?

Even if you have major health problems, you can still purchase final expense insurance. The type of final expense coverage for people who don’t qualify for other options is guaranteed issue final expense. These policies accept all applicants, therefore you will definitely have the funds needed to pay for your cremation, as long as you pay your premiums up until the point you die.

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Don’t let your passing become a burden to your family. Ensure that your funeral expenses are paid for. I can help you find the coverage you need. Just give MB Insurance Solutions a call to start comparing policies. You can reach me at 813-553-3822, ext. 102.