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How much is Final Expense Insurance?

How Much is Final Expense Insurance

If you are worried that you may die in the foreseeable future, final expense insurance may help you soothe any doubt that your family will be able to afford your funeral. These unique life insurance policies accept applicants more easily than traditional life insurance policies, like term life insurance and whole life insurance. The costs can be quite manageable as well, depending on the plan you enroll in.

Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance functions much like any other life insurance plan; after enrolling you pay your premiums and when you die the insurer provides your beneficiaries with a death benefit payout. The amount of money your insurer will offer is specifically stated within your contract and it varies based on the plan and provider. To get the best death benefits possible, we suggest you work with an insurance agent to find a good final expense policy.

Final Expense Costs

Final expense insurance is not incredibly expensive. In fact, it can be quite affordable. On average, final expense policies will cost between $30 and $70 per month. Though, if your plan has higher death benefits, your premiums may end up being a bit higher. Likewise, policies that offer fewer benefits will have lower costs.

Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Insurance

If you are unable to qualify for an insurer’s normal final expense plans due to your answers to their medical questions, you can still enroll in a final expense policy. If you’ve failed to get any other type of life coverage, you can always get guaranteed issue final expense insurance. With guaranteed issue coverage, residents of Lithia, Florida can get a death benefit regardless of their health condition. Because these plans accept all applicants, they typically have much higher costs than other final expense plans.

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It’s difficult to find affordable final expense plans without the help of a licensed insurance professional. To eliminate the stress of shopping for final expense insurance alone, get in touch with me, Michele Bartock. I am a licensed insurance agent operating in Lithia, Florida. With my help, you will certainly find some great options for coverage. You can reach MB Insurance Solutions at 813-553-3822, ext. 102.