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Navigating the confusing waters of Medicare and insurance is stressful, and the consequences of poor choices can be costly. That’s where Michele Bartock, an independent 2-15 and 2-20 licensed insurance agent, can step in to help find the product and price that are right for you.

Bartock has been a Florida resident since 1980 and has lived in the FishHawk area since 2005. She has been helping local customers make sound insurance decisions for the last 15 years.

“When you turn 65, you are inundated with flyers and calls,” Bartock said. “People and businesses have your information, but not always your best interests. I wanted to be an independent agent, so I have access to a variety of insurance companies and can tailor plans to meet the insurer’s needs.”

Rather than go straight to the bottom line like most insurance agencies, Bartock seeks to truly listen to your unique situation and find a plan where the coverage and cost are right, even if that doesn’t mean going with her.

“I want to be there to be the person who will be very honest with my clients,” she added.

Medicare, Medigap and Medicare Advantage can be confusing. The Medicare annual enrollment period to sign up or change your plan for qualifying individuals, including those over 65, lasts from October 15 until December 7. Then, Medicare Advantage open enrollment will begin in early 2021, where there will be other opportunities to change your plan if not satisfied.

Plus, if you are turning 65, you have approximately a six-month window to sign up based on your birthday. Confused yet? You still have not even examined a plan. That’s where Bartock can help.

“I offer excellent customer service and will be available for my clients even after the sale. If you have a question, we can set up a meeting at a time and a place convenient for you,” Bartock explained.

She can meet in your home, in a public place for coffee or even have a Zoom meeting or phone call, if that is what’s most comfortable for you.

“If your current coverage isn’t working, then you can explore other options and coverages; if you are brand-new to this, we can find a plan that fits your lifestyle,” said Bartock.

She mentioned how many clients travel across state lines regularly and may not have considered how their coverage could change, especially if they become hurt or ill and then need to travel home. Not everything may be covered. Drug companies renew their contracts with insurance agencies yearly, and your covered medications may change. It’s definitely worth running past an expert.

“If you just call the individual company, you can do that, but they are only selling their product or a group of products that benefit them,” Bartock warned.

She will take the time to explain your options and give you straight answers as if she were preparing a plan for her own parents.