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Did you know that in the last year alone, billions of dollars were lost to Medicare fraud? This is money that could have been spent on healthcare for seniors. Fraudulent scams range from fake prescriptions and billing to identity theft. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for people with Medicare insurance to tell if they are being scammed or not. That’s why we’re here! We will show you how to avoid these common scams so that you or a loved one doesn’t fall victim either.

What to Do

It’s always important for anyone who is nearing Medicare eligibility or already enrolled in Medicare to know what to do to prevent fraud from happening to them. By following these specific tips, you can prevent scammers from committing fraud against you:

Tip #1:

Always protect your Social Security and Medicare card numbers. These numbers are specific and unique to you and should not be shared with anyone.

Tip #2:

Medicare will not call you or come to your house. If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from Medicare, it’s most likely a scam, unless you gave Medicare permission to reach you by phone. 

Tip #3: 

Make note of all your appointments and tests. Always write down on a calendar or in a planner of when you will be going to a doctor’s appointment or having some type of medical service done. If anyone tries to steal your identity and receives a medical service, you can go back through your calendar and confirm if it was actually you.

Tip #4: 

Understand your Medicare plan. Before you enroll in Medicare, it’s crucial that you learn the ins and outs of your Medicare plan so you know exactly what will be covered, what will not be covered, and the costs you’ll be expected to pay.

What NOT to Do

While there are important things you should do to prevent yourself from falling victim to Medicare fraud, there are also some things you should not do!

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